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The Crossroads of Location Data and Privacy

In this edition of BIA Advisory Service's Vantage Points, we share insights from Dan Hight, Business Development and Partnership Executive and Industry Advisor for BIA. The Vantage Point series taps the perspectives of various lookout points from around the local media and tech…

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A Glimpse Into Next-Gen Retail Apps

Sometimes you see something so compelling you just know it's the start of something big. The 7-iCollection iPhone app recently launched by Green Tomato for 7-Eleven Hong Kong fits that bill. Simply put, it uses the phones "augmented reality" feature…

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Facebook: The Sleeping Giant of LBS

Location-based services continue to roll out left and right. TechCrunch won't stop saying this year's South By Southwest conference will be all about location (except for this contrarian piece by Paul Carr). We mostly agree. But with all the start-ups…

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More Mobile Local Targeting From MoVoxx

The dial has been turned up lately on mobile location targeting  -- within social media, local search, and advertising contexts.  The latest news comes from mobile ad network MoVoxx, which has enhanced its location targeting with Useful Networks' PlaceWhere platform.…

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Loopt Goes Further Down the Local Path

Loopt continues to evolve from a location based social network to more of a local search utility. This comes during a general shift of market attention towards location based mobile apps and the commercial intent that can be inherent in…

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