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Local Retail Poised for Digital Expansion

Retail SMBs are more poised than their counterparts in other verticals to adopt sophisticated digital advertising and marketing. This is clearly shown by BIA/Kelsey's Local Commerce Monitor ™ (Wave 18) survey of small businesses. Retail SMBs are already highly oriented to…

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Uber Tests 10 Minute Delivery Service

The big online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Groupon and WalMart have been focusing on developing same day delivery channels. Same day delivery is an effort that that may not only boost their edge over other retailers, but also add…

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IAB Leadership Meeting: WalMart Global eCommerce CEO Neil Ashe

WalMart Global eCommerce CEO Neil Ashe told 1000+ digital marketing pros at the IAB's Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert that their responsibility is to fully integrate their efforts throughout the organization. Ashe, who formerly ran CBS Interactive, said top…

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Begun, The Mobile Payment Wars Have: Part 4

A few things that characterize mobile payments are early stage experimentation and standards battles. That's to be expected in any embryonic sector.  There's NFC, mobile card readers, POS hardware that scans the barcode on your screen (a la Starbucks), to…

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Newspaper Consortium Set to Relaunch Find & Save

The newspaper consortium-owned Wanderful Media is rolling out a retooled version of Find & Save, a shopping info site that it hopes will reinforce ties between the newspapers and the national retailers and brands that have traditionally driven their (estimated)…

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