Mashups for MapQuest

Last week we had the chance to speak with MapQuest about a series of upcoming announcements (then under embargo). The first of those happened late last week with the company's mobile search platform enhancements. Today MapQuest announced the release of…

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10 Local Trends That Greet the New Year

  • January 2, 2007

Year-end reviews are always kind of arbitrary. For sure, a lot of overlap occurs from year to year. So much of what we consider "the '60s," for instance, really happened in the early '70s. But clearly, r/evolution is happening in…

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Where Else Can Local Search Take Us?

Online local commerce is seeping into nearly every facet of our lives. The latest: parking. reports on a start-up called that wishes to create eBay-style auctions for parking spots. So in busy urban areas at specific times of…

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HopStop Pushes Transit as Urban MapQuest’

  • December 8, 2006

The power of road mapping and direction sites like MapQuest and Yahoo! Maps is now being channeled by HopStop, a New York-based start-up providing the same type of complete info for walkers and subway and bus strap holders in major…

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MapQuest Reasserts Itself; Category Search Climbs

  • December 4, 2006

Historically speaking, MapQuest lost a beat by not pushing out its API. Instead of featuring MapQuest, most Web sites instead highlight Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft maps. Even without the buzz factor, however, MapQuest has retained its strong brand identify among…

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AskCity Launches

As we wrote about briefly last week, AskCity has launched today. I will get a chance to play around with the new features today and will provide more detail in this week's Local Media Journal. In the meantime, Loren Baker…

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