Advanced TV: Progress And New Directions

Advanced TV: Progress and New Directions

BIA/Kelsey's latest research report examining Advanced TV shows continuing innovation and progress albeit with hurdles and challenges. BIA/Kelsey defines "advanced TV" as comprising the domains of data-enhanced audience targeting via addressable, contextual audience networks, OTT, Connected TV and programmatic TV…

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ILM:09: Mapping for Online Success

Mapping has become less about radius of where you are and more about what people define as local, how far people are willing to travel and the importance of certain events or locations in their community. While the advertising paradigm…

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Google Kills Print Ads

Google, as part of a series of cutbacks, is eliminating its Print Ads program, which had 800 newspapers and other print sources participating. The program, which began in November 2006 with 50 newspaper partners, stops selling new placement Feb. 28.…

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