Marketing Drives Growth By Being Intrepreneurial

Marketing Drives Growth by Being Intrepreneurial

CMOs need to advocate and foster entrepreneurship inside their companies (i.e., "intrapreneurship") to win in the marketplace. The marketing function in many companies can feed the innovation engine by connecting product, sales and customer conversations together into fresh marketplace-based insights that…

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Marketing Is A Software Problem. Get Hacking.

Marketing is a Software Problem. Get Hacking.

Martech's unofficial but authoritative chief evangelist, Scott Brinker, just released Hacking Marketing, a book that essentially provides a recipe for adapting software's agile philosophy and methodology to marketing problems. And since marketing is now dominantly a software and data problem, this…

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Programmatic TV Is Coming To Local

Programmatic TV is Coming to Local

How soon will programmatic TV come to local? We estimate it will impact buying in a significant way sometime over the next 18-24 months. This is the topic of a new BIA/Kelsey insight paper: Looking Ahead to Programmatic in Local TV in…

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Programmatic  Comes To Local TV In 2016

Programmatic Comes to Local TV in 2016

The elements of programmatic TV advertising are coming together for those in the local broadcast and cable television space. BIA/Kelsey conducted a complimentary webinar on this topic, now available on on demand with the accompanying slides. For this webinar, we assembled…

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Programmatic Coming Big Time To Local Video

Programmatic Coming Big Time to Local Video

  As we're seeing with players like Yashi, within just the past couple years, various forms of linear and digital programmatic video are coming into the local marketing mix. Now with local broadcasters entering this digital video arms race, the stakes…

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