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Workplaces throughout the tech and business worlds have been circulating Mary Meeker’s famous annual “data dump” this week.  For analysts, the Internet Trends Report is like Christmas… I’ve been spending lots of time with the slides.

Rather than rehash 213 slides, I’ll leave that to Meeker and the full video of her presentation. But I will take this opportunity to zero in on one point that’s top of mind from our recent analysis: conversational commerce.

Meeker echoes many of our points about the user migration to messaging apps. For businesses, that means the user touch point won’t be a mobile home screen full of apps. It will rather be a position on one’s contact list on Facebook Messenger.

The relevant part of her presentation is embedded below, and you can get all of her slides here.

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  1. Meeker (than whom?) certainly data dumps – I wish i could speak that fast. What makes her so special? Her mystique makes her an icon, yet I don’t see it. What am I missing?

    This is my first time actually seeing (and hearing) her speak. WOW! I hope no one was attempting to take notes.

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