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Next week at BIA/Kelsey’s ENGAGE conference in Austin, Texas, four companies representing different elements of the Local Commerce Universe will present 10-minute sponsored case studies. The following synopsis previews GotU’s case study. GotU is a white label digital advertising platform operated by 77Agency, a digital agency based in Milan. ENGAGE will be GotU’s first BIA/Kelsey event. 


The digital advertising market is changing fast, and small and medium businesses are usually slow to adopt new technologies and marketing practices. While some ‘advanced’ SMBs are familiar with social media ads, many small local businesses are left behind, some without even a website.

Further, many publishers serving the SMB market are falling behind the market shift away from conventional PPC advertising models.

GotU’s operating premise is that traditional digital advertising models no longer work for SMBs, and publishers should shift to more results-oriented models.

GotU also contends that re-selling CPC or CPM to small businesses is not sustainable because it is too expensive and interchangeable  with other offers on the market.  This makes it hard for SMBs to evaluate their impact and effectiveness. This is usually due to their limited online presence and lack of digital knowledge. But also because their commercial strategy has little dependence on digital or doesn’t rely much on actions or engagement from online consumers.

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The digital industry is now moving towards a new digital advertising selling model that’s not based on clicks or impressions. The new ad model must be based on generating tangible outcomes such as leads, appointments or even in-store foot traffic.

Leveraging on advanced hyper-targeting techniques, it’s possible to deliver a message to people living around the address of a business with a certain frequency within an effective period of time.

The combination of a guaranteed number of people within the target audience reached, location-specific targeting, optimal frequency and an effective time period of the campaign can generate meaningful results. GotU contends this is a more effective way to sell advertising, and for SMBs to understand the real impact of their marketing investment.

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Six leading business directory providers around Europe have already implemented this new way to define, sell and run Facebook advertising campaigns with the help and support of GotU, whose end-to-end white-label solution has been specifically designed and built for Yellow Pages’ publishers. More than 40,000 served campaigns have demonstrated this method’s effectiveness.

To learn more about GotU, visit or come listen to GotU’s founder Amedeo Guffanti speak at the BIA Kelsey ENGAGE on May 17th in Austin, Texas at 11:20 AM.

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