The Next Era of Search: A New Video Insight Briefing

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Apps now consume about 80 percent of consumers’ time with mobile. This has big implications for Google, as traditional browser-based search is being displaced to some degree. The question is what this means for local media companies and tech startups?

This is the topic of BIA/Kelsey’s inaugural Video Insight Briefing: The Next Era of Local Search. To complement written reports, this new format is meant to provide a digestible portion of analyst insights, with lots of options to dig deeper.

Housed in slide format, these are a jumping off point to all of our insights on a given topic. In addition to slides, audio/video delivery is embedded right within the deck.  And several other multimedia assets are included, such as related conference sessions or reports.

These will be produced by BIA/Kelsey analysts frequently on “tentpole” topical areas that are receiving the most investment, innovation, opportunity and curiosity. Next up: social media, on-demand economy, beacons and programmatic. Stay tuned.


Though they’re limited to BIA/Kelsey client access, we’re offering the first Video Insight Briefing to LMW readers. You can access it by clicking the image below.

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