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Facebook Pages are now the most prevalent form of SMB marketing according to BIA/Kelsey’s LCM data. And Facebook itself has announced there are 50 million SMBs with active Pages, two million of which pay for it.

Meanwhile Facebook continues to link people with local businesses (and of course, with each other) in geographically relevant ways. One of those ways we’re predicting is through Facebook Messenger.

And of course virtual reality looms on the longer-term horizon given Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for a more immersive social graph. Local commerce applications will involve virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, cars, etc.

It’s with that backdrop that Facebook director of direct response product marketing Kelly Graziadei keynoted last week’s BIA/Kelsey NEXT. She unpacked several of the ways that local businesses  are using Facebook.

This includes things like Lead Ads (today), such as auto dealers looking for targeted leads. It also includes things like tracking offline activity patterns (tomorrow) to decide where to open a new business location.

The full presentation is below and stay tuned for more coverage on how Facebook could be a sleeping giant in local media and commerce. This also comes amidst yesterday’s discovery of Facebook “professional services.”


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