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As engagement migrates to mobile, users’ front door is predominantly apps instead of the search-centric web. This was the topic of a recent BIA/Kelsey report, as well as a conference session we recently held (video below).

The trend has led to several moves from Google to remain competitive with the world of apps, including mopocalypse and the recent launch of “streaming apps” within search results. Meanwhile, it’s joining the world of apps in other ways including Google Now.

One thing is for sure: the search environment is changing rapidly. But an important question is how all of these dynamics specifically affect SMBs. Given search’s longstanding position as a way for consumers to find things locally, all of the above affects SMBs.

In some ways, the move to mobile is a positive step for SMBs, given that local search can be a natural handoff to phone calls from customers. That’s obviously more aligned with the hardware (a smartphone), but it’s also the type of lead that SMBs want most.

“We think the consolidation of consumer search is going to be less islands and bridges, and more of a huge house with lots of doors that SMBs can enter,” TalkLocal president & co-founder Manpreet Singh told us on stage.

Watch the full conference session in the video below.


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  1. Thanks for posting this video and for all the valuable insights regarding local search and marketing for SMB’s. I own a Pay-per-Call company, and we know how valuable it is for any-size company, but especially smaller businesses, to receive qualified leads calls that have more potential to become sales. Segmentation and customization are key, and it’s interesting to see how relevant it still is to have a more “personal” contact with the clients, and how Google and others are taking advantage of this trend. Looking forward to see more content like this!

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