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GoDaddy has transformed itself over the past few years. Part of that transformation — besides image — was to go from a consumer internet powerhouse, to also being known for its SMB tools. We got to ask GoDaddy about the current trajectory on stage at the recent BIA/Kelsey SMB conference (video below).

For GoDaddy, this transformation entails moving beyond web hosting. The SMB suite continues to expand into operational and productivity features.  This aligns with BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Universe — moving beyond marketing and presence tools to a broader suite of SMB operational functions.

But don’t call it a “stack.” According to GoDaddy SVP of Product Raj Mukherjee, it’s more of a continuity of services that maps to different stages of an SMB lifecycle. This widens its addressable market and can include presence, as well as consumer acquisition, retention, and back-end tools. See the full interview below.

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