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Beacons, beacons, beacons.

We’ve been hearing a lot about them lately. They’re purportedly going to change the game for connecting online marketing to offline conversions… local’s “holy grail.” But what exactly are beacons? How do they work, and what are they going to do for marketers?

Since their launch two years ago, beacons have been adopted by 29 percent of retailers globally. And many more are expected to adopt beacons in the coming years — driven partly by the results seen already by the early adopters.

In fact, 71 percent of retailers are satisfied with beacon programs according to ResearchTouchPoints. The biggest stated reason is beacons’ ability to track and understand customer buying patterns.  Meanwhile, 59 percent measured tangible in-store customer engagement levels.

Within the local commerce universe we’ve seen only the beginning beacons’ role in the offline-online story. Yext’s recent Xone launch was one big milestone, expected to be the next meaningful beacon implementation for local retailers and multi-location businesses.

As part of that launch, and to help educate the market on beacons, Yext will co-host a free webcast and live discussion with BIA/Kelsey. Taking place Thursday, November 5th, it will be called Closing the Loop: Using Beacons to Connect Online and Offline Marketing. We hope to see you there.


Click the graphic below to register. If you and your team have been wondering what all the fuss around beacons has been about, you’ll want to take part in this webinar.

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