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The Local On-Demand Economy (LODE) will be all about transactions. The ease of transaction between buyer and seller will need to match the lowered-barriers and “immediacy” of the on-demand service and experience itself. Otherwise, LODE’s promise won’t be fulfilled. It’s all about the money.

Fortunately, lowered barriers is exactly the trend we’re seeing in payments, starting years ago with Paypal and extending to today with things like P2P transactions (Square Cash) and enterprise/ecommerce (Stripe). There’s also payment giants like MasterCard innovating for a LODE-centric world.

We held a webcast last week to discuss where this is all going. Led by BIA/Kelsey analyst Mitch Ratcliffe, the conversation included MasterCard and Flint Mobile. They both had lots to say about payments’ importance at the center of the LODE equation — not just the why, but also the how.

See the full webinar replay embedded below.


Flint will be speaking at BIA/Kelsey NOW: Rise of the Local On-Demand Economy next Friday in San Francisco. Register here (Inside tip: Save $100 by using the discount code “MB100”).

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