Conference Video: Facebook Cements its Place in Local


Gone are the days of Page “likes” as a focal point for Facebook. It’s all about building a marketing and commerce platform. This according to Facebook SMB director Jon Czaja, whom we invited to BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL to characterize Facebook’s stance on local (video below).

All eyes are on Facebook when it comes to localized marketing. This was pronounced in the company’s recent revelation that 40 million SMBs now have active Pages (2 million advertise). And BIA/Kelsey’s own survey data indicate that social is the most prevalent marketing channel.

The biggest drivers for this according to Czaja are reach and targeting. More than 1 billion people use Facebook daily, the vast majority via mobile.  As for targeting, it’s more accurate on Facebook than most other digital media he asserted. This involves lots of granular audience profiling.

“We’re talking about real people and not cookies,” he said, adding that businesses can enhance targeting by “bringing their own data onto Facebook” for retargeting. FB can also target look-alike audiences with similar characteristics to a brand’s existing customers or target audience.

The full session video is below.


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