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One of the leading lights in evangelizing marketing technology , aka “martech” is Scott Brinker who writes the blog. He’s now come up with “The Stackies: Marketing Technology Stack Awards” and for a good cause. Submit your martech stack diagram and if you win, he’ll donate up to $1,000 to a charity of your choice.

So what is a martech stack?

Scott covers this with some great examples in his recent blog post announcing The Stackies. He was speaking at the B2B Marketing Innovation Summit with Susan Ganeshan, Clarabridge’s CMO, Kristin Hersant, VP marketing for Livefyre and Franz Aman, SVP brand and demand at Informatica and each of these marketing executives shared top level views of their company’s martech stacks each comprising over 20 different applications in different application stacks.

The Clarabridge martech stack diagram is perhaps the most intuitive but still runs on over two dozen different applications across its various app stacks: Contacts, PR & Voice, Brand & Design, Content, Social, Advertising and Analytics. The JIRA stack is organized around PR & Social Media, Outbound Prospecting, Inbound Marketing, Website Content and Analytics. Finally, the Informatic martech stack is a more functional and workflow diagram encompassing Paid, Earned/Paid and Owned Communities stacks.

Three different approaches, all sensible, and each martech stack design to drive business goals by leveraging technology.

How good is your stack? Join the competition and find out.



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