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Stepping back from the day-to-day tactics of content and ad delivery, what are the macro trends driving tech & media worlds? This was a question we sought to answer at BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL by inviting big-thinker Daniel Eckert to Keynote (video below).

As PwC’s Emerging Technology Group CTO, his role is to do just that — spot emerging trends and historical cycles to triangulate where under-recognized pockets of innovation and wealth will sprout. As market watchers ourselves, we love this discussion and had the chance to riff on stage with Eckert.

The video of his presentation is embedded below: Part one of a two-part series that will also include the adjoining fireside chat. Stay tuned for that next week.

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  1. Where is part II of this? Some of the best-explained future is now information I have seeen in the last year. I need to know what else has been said/

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