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The Local On-Demand Economy (LODE) continues to grow as both consumers and service providers drive it (sometimes literally). These supply and demand sides of LODE marketplaces are equally important and continue to grow in-step.

For consumers, we’re being conditioned to expect everything on demand as the mobile device increasingly becomes the “remote control for the physical world.” For service providers like Uber drivers, LODE flexibility and lowered barriers resonate, and also change the societal view of “work.”

And all of the above especially resonates with the generation for which “on demand” is practically a tagline: Millennials. They are increasingly buying empowered and attractive demographic targets as they cycle into the ranks of the adult population, as both consumers and as service providers.

In advance of our live roundtable/webcast this Friday and BIA/Kelsey NOW next month, we filmed a video (embedded below) to unpack some of these factors that are driving the massive force that is the local on-demand economy. Stay tuned for lots more as we build up to the conference.

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