Conference Video: Transforming the “1099 Economy”

The innovation we’ve seen with Uber, Airbnb and a few other standouts of the “sharing economy” are about to take over every local vertical. This was according to CEO and local media veteran Chris Spanos at BIA/Kelsey’s ILM conference last month (video below).

This “ODLS” area is not only the darling of tech media, VCs and our 2015 mobile predictions, but it will upend the local services economy. This comes about as supply side liquidity — enabled by transparent demand via mobile apps — empowers individuals to act as companies.

This “1099 economy” as Spanos calls it can sidestep the overhead costs inherent in the enterprise service model we’ve known for centuries. In micro terms, that will do cool things like improve unit economics and pass savings to consumers. In macro terms, it’s a notable economic and societal inflection point.

We discuss these matters in the 12-minute video below. This is the first of two-parts of the conference session. The second part will feature a panel of companies representing the different local verticals that ODLS is conquering. Everything from legal to peer-to-peer local services… Stay tuned for that.




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