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GoDaddy, continuing to rev up its expanding SMB platform as its IPO nears, has launched “Get Paid”, an online and mobile payments service.

Get Paid lets Go Daddy’s base of 12 million customers – many of them SMBs – accept credit cards, debit cards, eChecks and PayPal transfers. The service has been developed in partnerships with PayPal, Dwolla and Stripe.


GoDaddy will offer Get Paid service in three service tiers starting at $4/month and going up to $15/month depending on the configuration of features like expense tracking; connecting bank accounts; and other accounting integrations.

GoDaddy’s decision to integrate payments in their service offerings is because they did not have an existing product that allowed their customers to get paid for their products and services. In the press release, SVP of Applications Steven Aldrich said,”when we heard from customers that they want to offer their clients more ways to pay, we set out to create a best-in-class solution to ensure easy access to all the tools they need to collect payments quickly and efficiently.”

GoDaddy already offered other financial services for small businesses in the form?of accounting and billing, so the addition of payments should tie in well to the existing services. The combination of a payment tool and existing financial and business management systems can be very powerful when it comes to tracking and measuring sales for ROI purposes.

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