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Following yesterday’s talk from Living Social’s Mitch Spolan, this morning at Leading in Local: The National Impact, The Weather Co.’s Curt Hecht offered another primer on applying creativity to national to local marketing and advertising.

Hecht is an ad agency veteran who serves as Weather’s global chief revenue officer, driving revenue generation strategy for the Weather Channel and

“I love this topic of national-local,” Hecht said. “Weather is a global brand built off of location.”

Hecht has brought a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis to the task of using Weather data to drive new insight and creative new ways to help brands generate more sales based on weather patterns. These insights are activated on a hyperlocal basis, because responses to weather conditions are often very different based on region.

Under Hecht, Weather’s insights go much deeper than selling snow shovels when it’s about to snow.

“We think we can help you move more salad, beer,” Hecht said. “We have made the pivot to helping them know about their brand, our whole sales force now pushing it.”

One example is an exercise Weather went through to track how weather conditions drive soup consumption in the spring. The drivers vary by market. Clouds in Chicago, humidity in Boston.

Another example was Pantene, which ran a “forecast Frizz” campaign that pushed out ads pushing anti-frizz product days in advance of humid weather.




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