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In prepping for our Leading in Local conference in Atlanta in three weeks, I’m revisiting the ways that large national advertisers are localizing their mobile campaigns. As we discussed in our fresh forecast release, large brand advertisers comprise the majority of U.S. mobile ad spend (for now…).

Another preview of Atlanta sessions comes from the “National-Local” session we did at our last conference in San Francisco in December. There I interviewed the Weather Company and Wanderful Media about their strategies to help large brand advertisers localize mobile efforts.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Weather Company session (formerly The Weather Channel), including the full session video. Now it’s time to spotlight the Wanderful media segment. CEO Ben Smith and I drilled down into mobile local shopping and the app strategies behind Find & Save.

The video is below, and we’ll carry on the discussion in Atlanta in three weeks. Email me for a discount code to register (mbolandATbiakelsey). I’ll also be doing a webinar with Mobile Marketer next week that hits on the Push Alert topic that Ben Smith and I discuss around the 15 minute mark.

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