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AppLovin will launch its Adaptive Personalization Platform (APP) after two and a half years of development, we learned yesterday from CEO Adam Foroughi. APP will help brands better serve personalized recommendations on mobile devices and re-target mobile ads.

Key features of the platform are to:

Learn an individual’s shopping behavior and predict what he or she will be interested in next, creating tailored recommendations.

Remind customers of items they may have left in a (virtual) shopping cart, and suggest related products or offers.

Allow marketers to measure effectiveness of personal recommendations by attributing influence and conversions across screens, so they can spend where their users are located.

APP ingest insights from each customer’s shopping behavior across screens and retarget ads accordingly, including location targeting.

These ads will merge with the user experience and show contextually relevant information. AppLovin currently targets U.S. brands as clients but plans to expand its client base to SMBs in the future.

Foroughi released these key findings from product testing:

— APP increased conversion rates from 2 percent to 10 percent.

— Advertisers see ROI from APP within in 2 week .

— APP can reach 70 percent of an advertiser’s audience within 72 hours.

— For every $1 spent, advertisers see$20 in return.

AppLovin’s success can be measured by the growth rate in consumers’ time with mobile.

“Consumption of media is high but transaction behavior is not high yet. And there lies AppLovin’s opportunity,” said Foroughi, who believes the web’s evolution will repeat itself in the mobile web. AppLovin is positioned to help brands better manage mobile consumer transactions.

“By delivering personalized recommendations on mobile to a billion consumers each month, we’ve cracked the code; beta response has been incredible among tops brands across retail, travel and hospitality,” said Foroughi. “We’re excited to officially turn the platform on to give this same opportunity to any advertiser looking to dramatically boost their mobile revenues.”

AppLovin also plans to bring these solutions to social networks. The company could be on the cusp of a promising future given accelerated growth in mobile, where consumer behavior is becoming more and more transactional.

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