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Millennials sometimes get a bad rap for being the disinterested and out of touch generation. But BIA/Kelsey survey data actually pegs them as the most in-touch (literally). When it comes to smartphone, tablet, and social networking they blow their gen-x and baby boomer forbearers out of the water.

Age Group Analysis 1

Millennials — those between 18-34 — use digital devices more than ever. According to BIA/Kelsey’s Consumer Commerce Monitor™ survey, 56 percent said that they have interacted with social media in the past 6 months at some point in the purchase funnel. 32 percent made purchases online.

Generation X — those between 35-54 — report that among types of local businesses, they rely heavily on social media for restaurant choices, but trust family and friends most for local shopping decisions. They also reported online search as their number one source for information on local shopping.

Age Group Analysis 2

Baby boomers — those 55 and older — are more likely than other age groups to own printed yellow pages. However, yellow pages are not among their top five sources of information for local shopping (i.e. retail and product info). They’re also more likely than other age groups to shop in-person.

Age Group Analysis 3

Many SMBs are still trying to understand how to deliver content to consumers at various age groups. All three age groups reported to have purchased more in store than online. Along with e-commerce efforts, it is essential that local businesses incorporate social strategies to get consumers into the store. It’s often forgotten that 93 percent of U.S. retail spending is done offline (as opposed to e-commerce).

Social campaigns are effective for SMBs to drive in store purchases when targeting both 18-34 and 35-54 year-old age groups. Marketing campaigns must include traditional media: 55 and older consumers use devices to inform local shopping decisions; but they’re more likely to use traditional media for local business information.

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