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On Thursday, we’ll host a live webcast with call monetization provider Ifbyphone. The topic: BIA/Kelsey projects mobile calls to local businesses will reach 65 billion annually by 2016. That’s going to be a lot of calls to manage, track, route, optimize and most of all monetize.

This fits nicely with other trends we’re seeing such as mobile users’ high local intent, and the fact that many local businesses highly value phone calls. It’s in fact the highest rated form of inbound marketing lead among BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor survey respondents.

We’ll go through all of this including BIA/Kelsey data and analysis. Then we’ll drill down to see how Ifbyphone is tackling these factors as a representative sample of the market opportunity and best practices. This will be the first in a series of webcasts over the next month on call monetization.

More to come on the rest and please sign up for Thursday’s free webcast here. We’ll have lots of data and analysis and even some freebies at the end, such as discount codes to our big May Leading in Local conference in Atlanta. Hope to see you there (the conference and the webcast).

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