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In the U.S., Hispanic consumers usage of smartphones, tablets, social networking and other forms of digital channels make this group one of today’s most engaged populations in the local shopping space.

On yesterday’s “Hispanic Consumers Buy into Digital for Local Shopping” webinar, I joined BIA/Kelsey’s chief economist, Dr. Mark Fratrik, and our head of business development Steve Passwaiter, to examine what the new Consumer Commerce Monitor survey (CCM) reveals about Hispanic consumers’ local shopping trends, social media and mobile usage.

Hispanic consumers report using mobile devices when shopping for local products and services more frequently than non-Hispanic consumers, with 52.5% of Hispanic consumers reported using a tablet daily for local shopping, and 42.5% reported using a smartphone.

When Hispanics shop locally they use social media more than non-Hispanic consumers; and when shopping they interact more with social media, 46% vs. 41% (in the last 6 months). Hispanic consumers’ rank Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as the most used social media sites. When they use social sites for local shopping, Hispanic consumers rank Facebook as their top source followed by YouTube and Google+. This is indicative of the social network landscape, with Facebook being the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Local Digital Activities Hispanic


When using social media for local shopping, Hispanic consumers index higher than non-Hispanics on all social media networks, except Facebook, with 61% of Hispanics and 67% of non-Hispanics (see chart below) reporting they use Facebook for local shopping. Facebook again far outpacing all of the social networks in the space. This is a clear indicator that Facebook must be a part of a business social engagement strategy.


Social Networks Hispanic Consumers


Key takeaways from the webinar included:

— Mobile and social advertising is vital to establishing a relationship with Hispanic consumers as they heavily use these channels to compare, browse and purchase local products and services.

— Social campaigns are tremendously effective for local businesses to drive in store purchases.

— Mobile campaigns must include social and loyalty elements as Hispanics use devices to shop locally and are more loyal to local businesses than the non-Hispanics.

— TV ads with a digital component (mobile and/or social) absolutely help influence purchases more than TV ads alone.

Webinar recording and downloadable slide deck for “Hispanic Consumers Buy into Digital for Local Shopping” are available here.

Interested in learning more about Consumer Commerce Monitor? Check out BIA/Kelsey’s CCM page.

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  1. I am a research consultant with my master’s degree in social science research (MA, Community Psychology).

    With this study, I am wondering two things: what language did the Hispanic population use – did they shop in ENGLISH or SPANISH? Secondly, what geographical area was this study conducted? Was it one particular state, several states, or just one area of one state (e.g. the Miama area of Florida)?

    I really appreciate your time – thank you so much!

  2. Hello Annette, thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. They survey administered was delivered in English. However, on our survey data we didn’t ask specifically in what language were they consuming their media. The survey respondents were representative of all four regions of the U.S. designated by the U.S. Census Bureau (West, South, Midwest and Northwest).

  3. Is there any analysis as to why hispanic over index in these categories? And as a follow-up to Annette, any concern that survey is flawed because it was only in English?

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