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Local search has taken off in multiple directions, driving commerce and engagement for merchants via enhances listings, maps, video, and even store inventory. At BIA/Kelsey‘s Leading in Local: Interactive Local Media Conference held this week in San Francisco, a panel of experts in the local search area were brought together to discuss the cutting edge in search issues and techniques.

As always with local search, content was a hot topic. “I love when people say content is hard because really it is so easy” says Will Scott, CEO of Search Influence. Getting SMB’s to put all of their content online is often a struggle but social media is a great way to get content out there, according to Scott. Azim Tejani, Chief Revenue Officer of YaSabe, discussed how they “encourage users and others to answer questions that come from the community.” By commenting they access content that is “not very social.”

When it comes to the future of local search, tackling the international market is where GoDaddy is headed according to Raj Nijjer, Sr. Director, Product Management. “It is a huge opportunity and a huge market”. Gideon Rubin, CMO Local Market Launch sees things a little differently. He is looking back to the fundamentals. “We still need to participate in the fundamental activities, the market is still small so we still need to participate in the fundamentals.”


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