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After a short hiatus, our analyst roundtable series is back. Today we discussed Twitter’s IPO, ongoing valuation and the tone it has set for going public in today’s tech marketplace. Lots of buzz around Snapchat, NextDoor and others have followed in Twitter’s wake.

We also discussed our writings on variable pricing in local commerce. As the age of mobile collides with the age of big local, the opportunity arises to not only target ads with greater precision but also offer demand-driven product pricing. Think airfare pricing on steroids.

These will be ongoing topics, including our upcoming Leading in Local conference in San Francisco just three weeks away (email me for discount – Until then, check out the video below and ping us to engage around any of these topics.

The full video is embedded and the following chapter guide can take you to individual segments. Enjoy.

Roundtable chapters
Airline Pricing Meets Local Commerce
Can Twitter’s Performance Sustain Current Market Cap
Quick, Everybody IPO
NextDoor and the Neighborhood-Level Network Effect

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