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Connect With Women LEADING IN LOCAL

Last night in Austin was the first ever Women only session at a BIA/Kelsey Conference. This was the inauguration of a new focus on women in technology that will be part of conferences going forward.

As owners of small businesses and committed marketers and networkers, women play a prominent role in SMB digital marketing, across a range of vertical industries, from real estate to gyms, restaurants and home health care. Women are also highly represented in hyperlocal and social network-driven media.

For the session, we had three local businesswomen there to discuss what it is like to be a woman and an entrepreneur, and the challenges women face in the workforce.

Melinda Garvey

Melinda Garvey is the Founder and Publisher of Austin Women Magazine.

She grew up in Indianapolis, and is a graduate of DePauw University. She holds a Masters in International Management from the University of Maryland. When she’s not working on the magazines or out and about in the community, she enjoys spending time with her wonderful New Zealander husband and son, Beckom. Melinda is currently serving as Entrepreneur In Residence for The McCombs Business School at the University of Texas.

Sheri Jenkinson

Sheri Jenkinson is a Professional Coach and Change Agent at Ipseity Consulting in Austin.

She formed Ipseity Coaching & Consulting in 2012 as a means to help companies create more collaborative cultures that embrace IT as a strategic part of the business. In 2013, she took on an additional entrepreneurial project as Chief Collaboration Engineer for B12 Consulting, which combines her interest in 1) putting people first as a recruiter; 2) creating innovative solutions; and 3) educating others on new big data technology & leadership. B12 is a woman-owned minority business, which advocates hiring and promoting more women in technology and partners with WATT, Sheri’s coaching/training/mentoring group for Women Advancing Technology Together.

Maja Kermath

Maja Kermat is the owner and co-founder of Kor180, a fitness franchise in Austin.

Before co-founding Kor180, she was Director of New Technology and Sales Applications at AT&T Advertising Solutions. Her other positions at AT&T Advertising Solutions include Director of Business Development and Director of Product Strategies. She also served as Digital Initiative Business Development Manager for HBO. She graduated from Creighton University.

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