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At our March Leading in Local conference, one session that everyone went home talking about was the keynote presentation from David S. Kidder. Serial Entrepreneur, angel investor and author of The Startup Playbook, he gave a stirring address on the realities of the tech startup environment that was on the level of a TED Talk in tone and quality.

Kidder’s book was written after he spent months interviewing tech and business titans like Tony Hsieh, Reed Hoffman and Elon Musk. It’s a candid look at all aspects of tech startups, from seeking funding, to product strategy, to culture, to managing growth (and managing sanity!). It’s an artfully crafted look at this key part of our ecosystem.

In the run-up to our SMB Digital Marketing conference next month in Austin, we’re gearing up for similar levels of discourse throughout the program. Kidder represents a break from the precise focus on local media, to pan back to business (and life) lessons that apply to all of us. It speaks for itself in the embedded video below.

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