The SMB Trojan Horse: Operational Lock-in

We've been watching a growing trend in Local Media where advertising providers are facing the SMB "fragmentation" challenge by finding clever back door ways into their wallets. This isn't necessarily new but it's taking on new forms, and finding more…

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Flurry Builds a Mobile Ad Marketplace

Mobile analytics provider Flurry announced today that it will launch its own real time bidding (RTB) mobile ad exchange known as the Flurry Marketplace. The new exchange will be integrated with its supply-side platform AppSpot, and reach more than 300…

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Solocal CEO Offers View on Transformation

I am personally looking forward to Solocal CEO Jean-Pierre Remy's presentation later this month at the Local Search Association's annual conference in Las Vegas. Solocal, which recently changed its name from PagesJaunes, is the leading search and directory company in…

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