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Google dominates the world of mobile advertising, and its options continue to expand. Its share of search queries — the foundation for its positioning in mobile — is about 95 percent (compared with about 65 percent on the desktop).

It hasn’t squandered that position, as it holds the leading share of U.S. mobile ad dollars which we estimated to be between 50 percent and 60 percent.  The options continue to expand as does the overall construct, including the recently announced “Enhanced Campaigns“.

But after all that, the collective suite of those developing ad formats are largely unrecognized, though they’re largely housed under AdWords.  We’ve taken an in-depth look at these at past conferences, which you can see here and here.

To update and add to the discussion, paid search software provider WordStream released a report that walks through some of these options. It’s a pretty good crash course in the Google’s range of mobile offerings (ads and products), and even gives letter grades.

The graphic below speaks for itself but we’ll continue to add commentary as options evolve. It will  be one of the many topics at our upcoming Leading in Local conference in Boston (3/18 – 3/20). Use discount code LILMB for $200 off registration.

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