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We’re less than a month away from our Leading in Local conference, March 18-20 in Boston, and we’re really gearing up for the show. Among many other exciting parts of the conference, and the recent announcement of our Foursquare keynote, I’ll host a mobile forum on day 2 of the show.

My goal is to avoid the blue sky discussions that permeate the tech media and analyst corps. Yes we know mobile is here and it’s great… now what? We’ll be talking on a tactical level about what’s working and not working in driving mobile content and ad performance; and ultimately ROI.

We’ll kick off with Marchex’s John Busby and the many findings they’re pulling out of network data. Marchex’s core business of driving calls to businesses of all sizes (an increasingly valued lead source) positions it to examine massive data samples. Some of it may surprise you.

We’ll do a segment on best practices and challenges in mobile local ad targeting, something we discussed here yesterday. Mobile website strategies will also be a key area of discussion that’s often ignored. And we’ll go one-on-one with AutoTrader about adapting to a multi-screen world.

The video below goes into further depth on this session preview. There’s even an “Easter egg” bonus at the end where a discount code for the conference is revealed. Use it to register, early and often… we’d love to see you there.

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