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Over the past six months, we’ve covered the handful of installations from the Path to Purchase study co-produced by Telmetrics, xAd and Nielsen.

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The report studies the increasingly multifaceted journey from demand-generation to purchase, weaving in and out of different screens. It’s a timely subject given a multi-device world where content resides in the cloud and is accessed from anywhere.

However there are as many questions as opportunities. How does one influence and, better yet, track this behavior? It’s essentially the newest (though not static) form of online to offline shopping which has taken on many acronyms over the years (i.e. ROBO).

Moving forward, Telmetrics and co have announced they’ll launch the U.K. version of the study. There it will focus on travel, restaurants and auto. Meanwhile the U.S. installations will continue with Retail, Gas/Convenience, Insurance and Banking/Finance.

The U.K. report essentially covers the categories studied so far in the U.S. report and will be out next month. The U.S. report meanwhile picks up these four new categories and will resume rolling out episodically starting in April.

For more, check out our past coverage at the links above (infograph below),  as well as Telmetrics CEO Bill Dinan’s thoughts in an article this week at SEL.

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