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This morning at ILM West in Los Angeles, Google’s head of Global SMB Sales Todd Rowe offered “Five Trends that Will Affect you in 2013.”

Rowe is leading the charge at Google to build a global re-seller network to offer Google products to small-business advertisers. To date, Rowe and his team has lined up 350 partners in 44 countries.

Google along with the rest of the audience is vested in understanding how consumer trends will impact the local and small-business advertising space.

Here are Todd’s 5 Trends:

1. Everyone and everything is online

2. Consumers are becoming hyper-informed

3. Consumer are hyper-connected in a four screen world

4. Acceleation of choice and sharing

5. Extraordinary is the new ordinary

Rowe placed particular emphasis on the idea of the new four-screen world (TV, desktop/laptop, tablet and phone). This change in consumer behavior has a profound impact on how advertisers reach consumers. Having a website isn’t enough.

“The four-screen, hyper-informed customer rules in 2013,” Rowe said. “You must tailor your marketing to this new world.”

The phone is the alpha dog in the four-screen world, according to Rowe. “This is the tectonic shift that we see happening.”

* 55% of the U.S. population owns a smart phone.

* 78% don’t leave home without the device.

“These trends, moving more online, mobile, four screens, they are a given,” Rowe said. “What is not a given is how do we in this room take advantage.”

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