ILM West 2012: Spotlight on Social Business Innovators

As many in our ¬†interactive local media community can attest, the pace of change and disruption in social media is dizzying. New networks, native ads, SoLoMo, social commerce…we could go on for days.

At BIA/Kelsey’s ILM West 2012 conference in L.A. Dec. 4-6, we’re placing a major focus on social media business models. The headliner is a Day 3 keynote from Dan Levy, who is running Facebook’s global SMB initiative. Many of the pieces that Facebook has been working on in local are coming together, and Levy will provide insight on what that means for the marketplace.

Another key part of the ILM agenda is a Day 2 Superforum on social entrepreneurship. Rather than focus on just one subject, we’ll present a full menu of “social business innovators,” with specialties across commerce/ads, search, content and CRM.

Darren Waddell (SVP Marketing) will discuss why Payvment believes social commerce can be an effective channel for SMBs…more effective, in fact, than for brands. He’ll also share how ads and deals fit into the commerce picture, and take us deep into Facebook’s Open Graph.

Matthew Berk (a longtime local thought leader, formerly of Marchex) is working on a new initiative at Lucky Oyster – that social signals have fundamentally changed the search experience that users demand. He’ll share his vision for satisfying that demand by aggregating and organizing search experiences through social context.

Todd Klawin, CEO of MoonTide Media, sees a gap in the social graph…and that’s around location. He’s working on a community-oriented social application that leverages Facebook and integrates with local publishers. We’ll get a sneak peek at the show.

Finally, Mark Gilbert, VP of Product at Hearsay Social, will share the company’s unique twist on social CRM for national enterprises with widespread local footprints. Smart, consistent social management at a local store/affiliate level has been an elusive problem for many brands. Hearsay is solving that problem for everyone from banks to insurance agents to gyms.

The session will be loaded with innovative thought. Check out the full conference agenda here, and sign up today to lock in your best rate. See you in L.A.!

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