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Facebook’s Fred Huang spoke about the SMB mission with Facebook at SMB Digital marketing today in Chicago. He noted that the SMB product roadmap is about helping them spend less time managing their page, make it easier to have their voices heard, and attract more customers.

Post targeting and scheduling helps them schedules out content in advance, for instance. Pages Manager Mobile App is another time saver, letting SMBs make updates on the go.

The center of a lot of activity is the news feed, where 40 percent of time on Facebook is spent, noted Huang. Sixty percent of all likes are generated on mobile.

After retreating from the deals space last year, Facebook is trying (deals) again, says Huang. They are”an incredibly viral product,” says Huang. “Friends are the secret to the success of offers.”

He notes that it is especially easy to see how many people have claimed an offer. Behind the scenes, a dashboard for SMBs shows the number of engaged users, “talking about this” and a “virality score.”

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  1. It doesn’t sound like “local” is a core revenue line for Facebook, nor is it likely to be one in the near future. Thank God Facebook hasn’t introduced a local directory (with $99 paid listings for local businesses) as they would blow other local directories out of the water in no time!

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