MLM SF: Pandora Moves Aggressively on Mobile, Local

As mobile usage reaches ubiquity and revenue generation becomes the much-debated next frontier, Pandora finds itself at the nexus of this movement — rapidly accelerating its mobile usage while iterating on its ad platform to monetize that base at a similar pace. At MLM SF, VP of Audio Sales Doug Sterne noted that the company is now monetizing mobile at a 4x clip compared with a year ago. To continue that growth, it is making a strong move down-market to capture local business dollars.

Pandora now employs about 150 local premise sellers across major metros, in addition to national and telesales teams. It is further expanding its local footprint through recently unveiled media reseller partnerships with newspaper and TV groups in secondary and tertiary markets.

Sterne believes that Pandora’s mobile revenue growth with businesses big and small is a byproduct of its platform, anchored in its Music Genome Project that allows listeners to build their own channels. “We’re a super-personalized experience, which positions us as a very hyperlocal strategy for an advertiser to employ.”

The company continues to expand the opportunities for brands to connect with users experientially in new ways. As an example, Sterne offered Chase, which sponsored a custom-themed music channel to introduce its rewards program to targeted listener segments.

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