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Google’s GoMo effort just took a step forward by offering free do-it-yourself mobile website creation. GoMo, for those unfamiliar, is the search giant’s program to evangelize the benefits of websites that are optimized for mobile devices.

The goal is cleaner sites, “thumb friendliness” and prominent calls to action conducive to mobility (think click-to-call, or directions). Google’s goal is also to expand the friendliness and use of the mobile Web — where search is central — compared with native apps.

The new offer is care of our friends at DudaMobile, who were already partners in the GoMo program. In addition to the goal of getting things going on the mobile Web, this could drive ongoing Duda subscriptions, as the free period ends after a year.

The GoMo program essentially makes Duda’s “Premium” package free for that year, including creation and hosting ($108 value). Its tiers of service otherwise look like this (click to expand):

BIA/Kelsey Competetive Intelligence Lead Celine Matthiessen went as far as to create a free mobile version of her website. She claims it took about 15 minutes and she’s now set up with a nice looking mobile site.

This ease of use is one of Duda’s claims to fame. Content is pulled from a desktop site so it’s populated quickly and subsequent updates don’t have to be made in two places. And this is very much geared toward individuals and SMBs. Google writes

Please note that DudaMobile’s technology is best for converting simple sites. If your site uses a lot of Flash content, framesets or e-commerce, we suggest that you Go Mobile by talking to your agency or working with one of the developers here.

Here are some of the screen shots Celine sent me, which show the setup process, including picking a template, calls to action and check-out.

ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 05 22.25

ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 05 22.25

ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 05 22.25

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  1. Really not a fan of people building “mobile only'” websites. Instead they should take the time and effort to build a website with responsive design that automatically adjusts to the screen size of each user.

  2. GoMo truly made it easier for the people to create free mobile sites. However there are other platforms like WordPress that is also used to create free customize website by following the few easier steps shown on . Nowadays designers are focusing on creating a mobile version of any websites since web usage in mobile has considerably increased to the point that developers can no longer afford to ignore it.

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