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Superpages turned some heads this week when its flagship mobile app took home the “Appy” for best
Marketing/Branding/Advertising app. The event thrown by MediaPost is judged by a panel of mobile industry leaders. Other categories include games, news, health, social networking and photography.

In the horse race that is YP mobile apps, many believe Superpages has pulled ahead for its intuitive and colorful interface. This continues an evolution among YPs to build mobile apps that utlize touch, voice and other unique aspects — rather than port over the IYP experience (i.e., “what and where” search).

Superpages takes these design principles to heart with its discovery-centric category wheel. Categories include deals, gas prices, movie listings, restaurants, etc. In other words, it has limited the categories endemic to “the book” in favor of a narrower set that’s more conducive to mobility.

It also has some emerging features such as voice search, augmented reality, OpenTable reservations, social sharing through Twitter and Facebook, and elements of Foursquare’s API (tips). The free app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. We’ll see who pulls ahead next.

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