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Watching free videos on the Web is convenient and entertaining. But most viewers won’t say the same about pre-roll video ads. Enter Solve Media. The ad tech company announced the launch of Pre-Roll Insurance today. The new technology prompts viewers to enter a brand’s tag line or message to skip a pre-roll video ad. If this sounds familiar, it’s because this technology is similar to Solve Media’s CATPCHA-based type-in advertising that we covered last spring.

CEO Ari Jacoby told us that the company beta tested the pre-roll product for four months with six major brands. Jacoby calls the new technology “player agnostic” since it works on both tablets and smartphones. In addition, any VAST/VPAID compliant publisher can use Solve’s Pre-Roll Insurance. The launch partners for the new technology include AOL, Expedia, General Motors and InternetBrands.

Solve Media estimates that as much as $33 per second is wasted on skipped or ignored video advertising in the United States alone. Solve Media research conducted with partner comScore found that more than 50 percent of consumers zoned out completely during pre-roll ads. Solve Media sees Pre-Roll Insurance as a win-win for both consumers and advertisers. Consumers get to skip to the content they really want to see and advertisers can still make an impression with their brand message through type-ins.

Solving the Pre-Roll Blues

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