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Fifteen game-changing trends are happening right now in local media, and our analyst team discussed each one in today’s webinar ahead of our ILM East conference. Here’s the rundown:

  1. Curated commerce or the place where social, mobile and video intersect.
  2. Increased vertical shopping and marketplaces niches.
  3. A reconnection of the local search experience so it’s consistent across users.
  4. Emergence of the electrical wallet that performs transactions, manages deals and coupons, and engages loyal customers.
  5. Blanket multiple local channels for bigger and varied impact.
  6. Local niche plays leading to disruption of broader categories.
  7. Content as the new king of SMB social solutions.
  8. Socially enabled advertisements will become the new standard.
  9. Social sharing will extend ‘beyond the like’ and move into more targeted possibilities.
  10. Unified messaging platforms for merchants that provide a single dashboard for listings, reviews, social CRM, email marketing and SMS.
  11. Mobile local leaders will begin to monetize and charge merchants for services they currently give away for free.
  12. Quantity of mobile ads will explode and a share of those ad dollars will go toward location-targeted mobile advertising.
  13. As smartphone penetration grows, mobile ads will evolve.
  14. Mobile payments will soon become a reality as users increase their consumption of mobile local content including mobile advertising and deals.
  15. A return to the basics of mobile and establishing best practices.

We’ll take deeper dives into these trends and more at ILM East.

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