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As part of the information overload that is Facebook’s long awaited S-1 filing, the company announced it is up to 845 million active global users (defined as monthly users). That’s a 39 percent year-over-year jump.

That total has slowly been creeping up; can you remember the user count on “The Social Network” movie poster? Also creeping up is the mobile share of active users. It was about one-third a few years ago, and now it’s already up to one-half, as the company today announced 425 million.

This likely skews higher in developing nations that have leapfrogged fixed line telephony in favor of mobile. And Facebook’s growth potential in such countries suggests that its mobile share of overall users could keep on rising.

The opportunity this signals — as we discussed in our 2012 predictions — is to flip the monetization switch for mobile ads. It hasn’t done this yet, but we’ll likely see it soon. This will probably happen in the form of “sponsored stories” rather than display ads.

Some other notable stats the company announced today: There are 100 billion total friend connections, and 2.7 billion Likes and Comments made per day. Get ready for a tidal wave of Facebook related news, financial analysis and commentary in the coming days.

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