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SaleLocator, a shopping and sales search engine and mobile app, has made public its API to share real-time, in-store sales information for national and regional retailers.

We spoke with SaleLocator cofounder Michael Falkson, who said the company is looking to partner with local content websites, including news and Yellow Pages sites. Earlier this month, SaleLocator launched a shopping list feature with multi-point directions that allows users to add a sale to a personal shopping list and the ability to organize all sales until they expire.

SaleLocator competitors include other retail-focused sites like ShopLocal and Wishpond. Falkson said what sets SaleLocator apart is the sales info for its broad range of 600 to 1,000 retail outlets. In addition, Falkson said the SaleLocator API may benefit more broader stroke local ad sites like

Open APIs are becoming increasingly common in the online local search space, with Canada’s Yellow API and similar efforts from Citygrid, AT&T interactive and others.

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  1. Great service for consumers who are willing drive around town to pick-up a sale priced item. Retailigence has heard lout & clear that most retailers hate having to offer bargain prices to get shoppers into their door. But in combination, we are moving to a world where the shopper has the information to decide, based on their preferences (price, convenience, service, etc.)

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