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Anuncios en Directorios (ADSA), the directory publishing subsidiary of America Movil, selected Amdocs software, consulting and systems-integration services as part of its strategic systems and business transformation initiative. ADSA will use the Amdocs Integrated Advertiser Management system to modernize and unify sales, ordering, fulfillment, distribution, customer management and self-service processes.

Amdocs has also announced it is working with mobile services providers Cellcity and MobeeArt to provide a mobile application and site creation solution to the South African directory company Trudon.

In addition, Amdocs will provide ADSA with change management and business transformation consulting and efficiency measurement tools to establish operational best practices. The company’s goal with ADSA is to transform its organization and operation to achieve better business agility, sales productivity and product monetization.

ADSA is the directory publishing subsidiary of America Movil (formerly Telmex) and owns multiple Spanish-language publishing directories, both print and online, across Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and the U.S., using the Seccion Amarilla brand.

ADSA is the incumbent directory publisher in Mexico, while offering competitive products in Argentina, Colombia and Peru. In the United States, it offers directories serving the Spanish-speaking market.

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