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YPG of Canada has greatly boosted traffic and repositioned itself as a center for local applications by opening up its data via an open API (Application Program Interface). YPG Director of Business Development Darby Sieben, speaking at DMS ’11 in Denver, said that 50 percent of YPG’s mobile search traffic now comes from the API platform, and that the API serves four key stakeholders: SMBS, developers, data partners and consumers.

Sieben noted that companies that integrate with the API gain access to YPG’s 1.5 million business listings and 1,200 salespeople. To date, more than 30 apps have been built with the API. A site such as “Flushfinder,” for instance, directs people to local public bathrooms.

Major partnerships have also been formed with players such as Twitter, Poynt and CBC. Sieben said the data are being used by large national brands to incorporate local Yellow API into local campaigns, such as IAMS, the pet food company. “We are mapping an API ‘Rosetta Stone,’ ” said Sieben.

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