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Rumors continue to swirl about the iPhone 5’s fall launch, and fake device spottings keep coming out of the woodwork. Kind of in the same vein is a concept video released by 3D animation shop Aatma Studios, which explicitly states that this is not actually the iPhone5.

It’s a good glimpse into the future of what could be. Not only is the device super thin and sleek but it also begins to tackle some of the conflicts between the need for smaller devices yet bigger screens and keypads. It gets around this challenge with holographic imaging.

I’ve long said that projection technology will break the next big barrier in mobile innovation. It will also be the next inflection point in home entertainment when we hit the limit for practical flat screen dimensions. Better projection quality and Moore’s law (as always) are gating factors.

Anyway, here it is. Bask in its futuristic geekdom.

Photo Credit: �Gadget Media

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