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At this week’s Advertising Research Foundation annual Audience Measurement 6.0 conference, BIA/Kelsey presented a new research study on the cross-platform video User Experience (“UX”) it conducted for the Council for Research Excellence.

BIA/Kelsey reviewed well over 100 industry and academic cross-platform video studies and compiled this research into a browsable database hosted by the CRE.

The full report is available at CRE’s site.

The BIA/Kelsey study examined five research questions:

  1. What drives choice of screen for the consumer?
  2. How does viewing vary with the chosen screen?
  3. What are the appropriate vocabulary and methodologies for understanding viewing styles?
  4. What is the context of viewing across screens?
  5. What are the best methodologies to get at the cross-platform video UX?

The findings have implications for media, agency, advertiser and research executives seeking to broaden their knowledge of cross-platform video.

Studies generally support the conclusions that more video platforms, devices and choices lead to more overall consumption of video, and broadcast television is still king in terms of consumption. However, the User Experience is markedly different for “linear” or “live” TV (i.e., broadcast) versus on-demand (VOD, PPV, streaming, etc.). Users have different expectations for different video platforms, engage with content (including ads) differently and expect access to preferred content across platforms.

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