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The Deals space is so hot, yet there are many unanswered questions about it. We know it will be big, but who really knows what it is going to look like 18 months from now?

With that in mind, we have developed a brand-new addition to our regular conference schedule: Deals 3D, a day-and-a-half event taking place in the afternoon of July 18 and all of July 19 at the contemporary Mission Bay Conference Center at UC San Francisco. The event will feature 40+ top level executives and entrepreneurs; a lot of cool demos; and, well – our typically great BIA/Kelsey networking.

Keynotes include MasterCard’s Gary Kearns; AT&T Interactive’s David Krantz and Facebook Local’s Lexi Reese. Featured speakers include such leaders as Microsoft’s Charles Dyer; Foursquare’s Tristan Walker; Loopt’s Sam Altman; BuyWithMe’s Andrew Moss; Shopkick’s Evan Tana; and CEO Loren Bendele.

Old friends like Greg Sterling are on the agenda, too, and the event is being cochaired by The Dealmap’s Jon Sofield. You can register here.

SPEAKERS: DEALS 3D (As of June 9)
Samy Aboel-Nil, President and COO, Tippr
Sam Altman, CEO, Loopt
Derek Beckmann, CEO, Descuentro Libre
Loren Bendele, CEO,
Robert Boniface, COO, iCoupon
Lilia Martinez-Coburn, VP, TownHog
Matt Coen, CEO, Second Street Media
Kimberly Cook, VP, GreenLink Networks
Charles Dyer, Director, Mobile, Local and Commerce, Microsoft
Jonathan Dyke, COO, Edo Interactive
Perry Evans, Founder and CEO, Closely
Paul Gain, CEO, Monster Offers
Dave Galvan, VP, Schedulicity
Andrea Gilman, VP, MasterCard
David Goldfarb, President,
Alistair Goodman, CEO, Placecast
Oliver Gratry, CFO, Analog Analytics
Jimmy Hendricks, CEO, DealCurrent
Gary Kearns, Group Executive, Information Services, MasterCard
Jonty Kelt, CEO, Group Commerce
Jim Kerr, VP, Triton Media
Jared Kopf, Founder, Homerun
David Krantz, President and CEO, AT&T Interactive
Terry Kukle, VP, Metroland
Bill Lange, CEO, Full Slate
Malcolm Lewis, Senior VP and GM,
James Moran, Founder, Yipit
Andrew Moss, Chief Strategy Officer, BuyWithMe
Darin Myman, President and CEO, PeopleString
Florent Peyre, VP, Gilt City
Prashant Nedungadi, CEO, Nimble Commerce
Rich Razgaitis, GM, ReachLocal Deals, ReachLocal
Lexi Reese, Director, Local Sales, Facebook
Jon Sofield, VP, Business Development, The Dealmap
Greg Sterling, Senior Analyst, Opus Research
David Strebinger, CEO, Wantsa
Evan Tana, VP, Product Management, Shopkick
Vinicius Vacanti, Cofounder and CEO, Yipit
Dan Visnick, VP of Marketing, The Dealmap
Darren Waddell, VP, MerchantCircle
Josh Walker, CEO, CityVoter
Tristan Walker, Director, Foursquare
Stuart Wall, CEO, SignPost
Rebecca Watson, VP, RadiumOne

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  1. I just saw this article and realised that i was late but would have loved to attend it. This is very much my field of expertise. Will look forward to the next soon.

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