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There are some occasions when you need to hire someone right away. At least that’s the hypothesis of Ginjex: The availability engine,” a new ad-supported U.K. directory that focuses on real-time hiring.

Launched by Mark Riley, a former exec with BT Tradespace, an SMB storefront provider, Ginjex may be considered the flip side of scheduling companies. It zeroes in on “all distressed inventory in any vertical,” says Riley. “It could also become a location-based deals aggregator.”

Are there that many categories that need to be hired right away? “The most applicable categories will be the ones which are the most flexible, local and over supplied or with distressed inventory,” says Riley. Casual, low-skilled labor such as car washers, house cleaners and landscapers come to mind. Categories that require “man and van” are especially urgent, he adds.

At the other end of the scale are “highly paid professionals for whom cancellations can be extremely costly if staff and space are booked. For example beauticians and dentists. If they can immediately flag up canceled slots (i.e., spare capacity), then they can win back that time. Time is money, as my grandfather always said.”

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