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Groupon is moving past deal a day with a Quiznos deal on Wednesdays that will issue an eight “signature sandwich” punch card to users for $26 — roughly half off the $51.92 maximum value. Maybe buyers will indulge in some “overage” — a Snapple and chips? — while they are there.

As reported by John Pletz, who is on the Groupon beat at Crain’s Chicago Business, the promotion covers 2,100, or more than half, of Quiznos locations. Pletz notes that Groupon is seeking to demonstrate that its model “can go beyond a single, open-ended discount to create repeat business for a merchant.” The Groupon must be redeemed for a punch card by July 4, but the cards don’t expire.

Individual Quiznos stores have done daily deals before. According to The Dealmap, Quiznos deals get 3X higher buy-ins than rival Subway. But this is the first chain-wide-deal ever negotiated by Quiznos, which approached Groupon.

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